Chase Freedom: 5% Reward Categories for 2014

by Michael on Mar 15, 2014

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For those of you with a Chase Freedom card, it’s time to look ahead to their 5% reward categories for 2014.

As a reminder, Chase (and others) adopted rotating reward categories a few years ago, offering 5% cash back on select purchases, but you have to re-enroll quarterly.

Here are the categories for all of 2014:

  • January to March: Gas stations, movie stores, and Starbucks
  • April to June: Restaurants and Lowe’s home improvement stores
  • July to September: Gas stations and Kohl’s stores
  • October to December:,, and select department stores

Once again, they’re offering the 5% rewards on gas stations during two different quarters, which is great. That’s a regular, ongoing expense for most cardholders. And that 5% discount at Amazon during the Christmas shopping season will once again ben a nice bonus.

Note that Discover Card is likewise offering 5% rewards at Amazon and department stores during the 4th quarter.

The bonus earnings apply to up to $1,500 in qualifying purchases per quarter, and they’re retroactive. Thus, as long as you activate activate by June 14th, you should get the the bonus rewards for the current (Spring) quarter. And from June 15th through August 14th, you’ll be able to register for the Fall 2014 categories.

Once you hit the $1,500/quarter threshold, all additional purchases will be treated like purchases in non-bonus categories. That is, they’ll be subject to standard, uncapped 1% cash back rewards.

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