Citi Dividend: 5% Reward Categories for 2013

by Michael on Sep 15, 2013

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Unlike the situation with Discover and Chase, Citi never published a yearlong calendar of the bonus reward categories for their Citi Dividend card.

They have, however, announced their bonus categories for the current (fall) quarter, which runs from October 1st through December 31st.

As a reminder, Citi (and others) adopted rotating reward categories a few years ago, meaning that you can get 5% cash back on select purchases. The downside is that you have to re-enroll in the program each quarter.

Here are the Fall 2013 bonus categories…

  • Best Buy
  • Department stores
  • Toy stores

Winter 2013: The winter 2013 categories, which ran from Jan 1 – Mar 31, included drugstores, fitness clubs, and purchases from

Spring 2013: The spring 2013 categories, which ran from Apr 1 – Jun 30, included home furnishing stores and home/garden stores.

Summer 2013: The summer 2013 categories, which ran from Jul 1 – Sep 30, included Hilton hotels & resorts, car rentals, movie theaters, and theme parks.

All other purchases are subject to the standard 1% cash back rewards. While there’s no quarterly cap on bonus purchases, your total cash back (5% bonus or 1% standard) is limited to $300 total per year.

Also, as far as I know, activation is not retroactive. Thus, if you have this card, you should activate it as soon as possible. You can do so from within your card account. I just checked and yes, it’s already possible to enroll for the summer quarter.

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