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by Michael on Oct 2, 2012 · 3 comments

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After being somewhat critical of financial planners over the past couple of weeks, here’s a bit of positive news…

If you’re looking for help with your finances, you might want to check to see if there will be any “Financial Planning Days” in your area.

What are “Financial Planning Days”, you ask? They’re basically free financial workshops being held across the country during the month of October.

These events are hosted by CFPs who are volunteering their time in the form of one-on-one counseling and classroom-style seminars and workshops.

On the surface, this mostly sounds like a way for them to drum up business, though they’re advertising it as a “no strings attached” opportunity in which the planners won’t sell products or services, hand out business cards, or even take down names.

While it might be hard to get much in the way of detailed financial advice during a one-time event like this, the one-on-one sessions could be useful if you have specific questions and the classroom sessions could be good general learning opportunities.

If you’re curious, check out this list to see if there are any “Financial Planning Days” in your area. Most of them are on Saturdays, though there are a few weeknight events, too. Hopefully you can find one that works for you.

If you’ve been to one of these (or if you go this month), I’d love to hear your about your experience. Was it worth your time to attend? Would you do it again?

1 MoneySmartGuides October 2, 2012 at 11:10 am

Financial Planning Days are definitely something to take advantage of. A good friend is a CFP and he participates in this every year. It doesn’t matter your financial situation, the advice is free and they don’t hound you to become their client. His clientele has on average of $2.5 million but he talks to people with little to no money at this event.

2 Michael October 2, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Thanks, MSG. I wish they were holding one around here. I’d love to go check it out and see firsthand what it’s all about.

3 Ryan @ Planwise December 3, 2012 at 5:12 pm

I had no ideas these went down. It’s nice to essentially see people giving back to their community.

Hopefully these experts are giving good solid advice though! Financial literacy is becoming more and more of a hot topic!!

I would also like to say it’s nice that people are wanting to do more about their money and understanding where it goes. There is also the help of new technology that is allowing people to understand their overall life situations.

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