Money Roundup: Corn Maze Edition

by Michael on Nov 4, 2012

I’m writing this just before we dash off for our annual visit to the local corn maze (maize maze?). This has become something of a tradition in our house, but we almost missed it this year because we’ve been so busy with other activities.

We normally couple the corn maze with a trip to the pumpkin patch (they’re both at the same farm) but we were running so far behind this year that we wound up buying our pumpkins at the grocery store the night before Halloween.

But now, with the fall sports season winding down, we’ve been able to catch our breath and will be sneaking in an afternoon of fun — just in the nick of time, as the farm is shutting down for the season.

And with that, here’s some interesting (at least to me) reading for a beautiful (at least around here) November afternoon:

  • The Best Thing Money Can Buy? Time – By far, the most valuable commodity around our house is time. With four (rapidly) growing kids, I’m frequently trade money for time in the interest of enjoying more of their childhood.
  • Pay Down Mortgage vs. Investing in Bonds – Given a choice between paying down your mortgage or investing, what would you choose? We chose the former, and have been living mortgage-free for almost three years.
  • Our Trip to DC (and a Few Ways to Save) – I love visiting Washington, DC. This is a great trip report full of lots of ideas.
  • Living Off the Dividends and Interest – While living solely off the income produced by your portfolio sounds like a good idea, it can throw off your asset allocation and cause you to live an unnecessarily austere life.
  • The Bargain of Friendship – An excellent reminder that there are many things in life that are much more valuable than money.

That’s it. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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