Money Roundup: The Surprisingly Low Cost of Charging an iPhone Edition

by Michael on Nov 17, 2012 · 1 comment

Earlier this week, I ran across an article about a homeless guy who got arrested for charging his phone in a public park. Yes, apparently everybody — including the homeless guy in the park — now has a cell phone. 🙂

In that article, they mentioned that it costs just $0.41 to charge an iPhone 5 over the course of a year, and even less if you have an older model. I have to admit, I was surprised it was so cheap.

That being said, the sum total of annual power usage by all iPhone 5 units sold over the next year is expected to be enough to power all of the homes in Cedar Rapids, IA for a year. Interesting.

Anyhoo… Here are some more articles that caught my eye over the past week.

That’s it. Have a great weekend.

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THanks for including me here, I really appreciate it!

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