Money Roundup: Winning at Monopoly Edition

by Michael on Jul 21, 2013 · 1 comment

According to investor, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and generally bright guy James Altucher, the key to winning Monopoly is St. James Place. Actually, it’s the orange properties and below. Buy them, build hotels on them, and “forget about the expensive stuff.” Oh, and go after the railroads, too.

I’ll just have to take him at his word on that since he’s (apparently) run the numbers and I most definitely haven’t. Any real world opinions?

But the real point of the article linked above is a nugget of wisdom about how to get better at something. Immerse yourself in it. Completely. Of course, this is made far, far easier if you love whatever it is that you’re trying to master.

And now… Here are some articles that caught my eye this past week:

That’s it. Hope you had a great weekend.

1 NCN July 21, 2013 at 11:11 pm

Thanks for the link. One question… Have you ever actually FINISHED a game of monopoly? Ours usually end with someone overturning the board… 🙂

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