Simmons Mattress Warranty Update and Lessons Learned

by Michael on Apr 15, 2014

Remember when I first wrote about getting the runaround from Simmons customer service on a Beautyrest warranty claim? Well, at long last, that’s been settled, and we ultimately wound up with a new mattress. But not without a fight.

Our warranty saga

To recap, I initiated the warranty claim on January 7th. They sent an inspector (three weeks later!) who verified the problem and filled out a report. Two and a half weeks after that, we received a letter denying our claim.

In short, they claimed that our mattress, which had suffered a catastrophic spring failure, was “performing normally” and “contouring to the shape of [my] body.” Only it wasn’t. And so I objected. That’s where the story left off…

After digging up the necessary contact info, which was conveniently absent from the rejection, I called Simmons to complain. I barely had a chance to explain my objection before she reversed course approved the claim. Honestly, it felt like they must reject valid claims so routinely that they are prepared to reverse their decision the moment you object.

From there, they sent us another letter. This one had instructions for shopping around at local furniture stores to find a mattress that we liked at the proper price point. We did so and sent them the requested info, which resulted in us waiting for another letter with further instructions.

When that letter finally arrived, we were instructed to remove all tags from the mattress and send them, along with an $85 shipping fee, back to Simmons so they could proceed with the replacement. We did that and then waited some more.

Finally… Yesterday, more than three months after first contacting Simmons, we received our replacement mattress. Fortunately, the delivery guys ended up hauling the old mattress away, too. Amazingly, this service (haul-away) wasn’t included as part of the warranty replacement.

As for the new mattress, it’s great. Very comfortable. If only they hadn’t made us jump through hoop after hoop (after hoop!) and continue sleeping on a damaged mattress while they dragged their feet on the way to honoring the warranty.

Customer service lessons learned

I think there are some lessons to be learned here…

First, no matter how good and ironclad it might appear on the surface, many warranties aren’t worth much more than the paper they’re printed on. Second, if your claim is denied, press them for reconsideration. The same goes for insurance claims. And finally, be prepared to wait and to get nickel and dimed (in the form of shipping costs, etc.) throughout the replacement process.

As an aside to companies of all shapes and sizes: If you’re going to (eventually) wind up honoring your warranty, why not strive to make it as painless as possible for the customer? You’re incurring the cost either way, so you might as well turn the hiccup into a positive, loyalty-building experience.

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