Are you planning on using TurboTax to do your taxes this year? If so, this might be of interest… Anyone who uses TurboTax to file their taxes can get up to 10% extra on their tax refund by electing to receive some (or all) of it in the form of […]

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Some Amazon Shopping Tips

by Michael on Dec 19, 2013

With the holiday shopping season in high gear, I just wanted to share some Amazon shopping tips… The first is that, for those with Amazon Prime, you can get an extra month of Prime added to your account (a so-called “Prime Extension”) if they miss the promised delivery date. Policy […]

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AmEx Amazon $25 Credits Posted

by Michael on Dec 5, 2013 · 1 comment

This is just a quick update to say that, as expected, the $25 credits from the recent Amazon/AmEx deal have already been posted to our accounts. The terms of the offer said that the credits would show up within 90 days, but AmEx has always been very good posting their […]

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Beware: Gift Cards are Warranty Killers

by Michael on Dec 2, 2013 · 1 comment

Earlier today, I highlighted a nice $25 off $75 deal from AmEx and Amazon. In that post, I suggested buying a $75 Amazon gift card to lock in the $25 savings before you forget. As a quick followup, I just wanted to point out a potential gotcha with gift cards […]

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This is a pretty sweet deal for those with an AmEx credit card… During the month of December, you can get $25 off $75 at Based on my read of this offer, it looks like you can get the discount for a total of $75 in Amazon purchases anytime […]

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30% Off All Books at Amazon!

by Michael on Nov 29, 2013

Check this out… You can get 30% off any print book sold and shipped by Amazon through Sunday night (Dec 1st) at 11:59PM PST. The short version is that you should enter promo code “BOOKDEAL” at checkout. For complete details, including exclusions and limitations, click this link. Not a bad […]

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Amazon Now Offering Sunday Delivery

by Michael on Nov 11, 2013 · 4 comments

This is just a quick note to let you know that Amazon will be offering Sunday delivery in select markets starting this week. They’ve teamed up with the USPS and will offer this as a free service to Amazon Prime customers. While Sunday delivery will only available in LA and […]

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Price Matching Amazon

by Michael on Oct 25, 2013 · 5 comments

With the recent changes in their shipping policy as well as the fact that they’re now collecting sales taxes in a lot more places than they used to, I just wanted to remind you that both Target and Best Buy match Amazon’s prices. And yes, this works. I’ve requested (and […]

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