Do the Math and Save Money

by Michael on Apr 16, 2014 · 5 comments

Well, those sneaky marketers are at it again… As you may recall, we recently bought a new car. Included amongst the many bells and whistles was a Sirius/XM satellite radio system. To entice us to use their service, the system was pre-activated with a free, three month trial subscription. Thankfully, […]

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GPS Navigation and Financial Management

by Michael on Apr 8, 2013

I admit it. I’m a GPS-watcher. Whenever we go on long roadtrips, I track our progress closely on our GPS navigator. In doing so, the main thing that I watch is our ETA. Shaving minutes off our (projected) arrival time is like a game to me. If you’ve ever done […]

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Giving Your Money a Checkup

by Michael on Feb 18, 2013

This is just a quick note to point out a potentially useful tool from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling called MyMoneyCheckUp. Developed by the NFCC in conjunction with researchers at Ohio State, the Univ of Wisconsin, and the Univ of Chicago, it’s basically an online interview covering a variety […]

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Lifestyle creep is a popular personal finance boogeyman, and for good reason. If you’re not careful, your expenses will increase in lockstep with your income and you’ll never get ahead. But did you realize that you can use the same principles to supercharge your retirement (or other) savings? It’s really […]

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