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When Will I Get My Tax Forms?

by Michael on Feb 3, 2014

Welcome to February. Right about now, you may be wondering when the balance of your tax paperwork will show up. Sure, you might have received a few things by now. Maybe a 1099 here or there, possibly your W-2. But you can’t really file your taxes until you have everything. […]

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Taxes are due four weeks from today. You should thus have plenty of time to get things pulled together before the deadline. But if you don’t make it, all is not lost. You can always request an income tax filing extension. Yes, that’s right. A filing extension. In case you […]

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Are Unemployment Benefits Taxable?

by Michael on Oct 9, 2012 · 1 comment

Yesterday I looked at who ultimately pays for unemployment benefits. Today I’ll be looking at the tax treatment of unemployment benefits. Are unemployment benefits subject to income tax? The short answer is that, yes, such payments are indeed taxable. For a slightly longer and more detailed answer, we have to […]

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