Dividend Investing: Payment Dates Don’t Matter

Here we go again. Every once in awhile I’ll run into an article* about a great set of dividend-paying stocks whose payout dates are lined up to ensure a monthly flow of dividends. And when I do, I can’t help but roll my eyes. If you’re interested in picking stocks, there are plenty of things … Read more

Deciding When to Rebalance Your Investment Portfolio

I’ve talked in the past about why you should rebalance your portfolio. In short, you do so to maintain your desired risk profile. But how do you decide when to rebalance? While it’s good to keep things in check, there’s no sense in going overboard. While some re-balance at set time points (e.g., annually), we’ve … Read more

The Value of a (Good) Financial Planner

While we’re on the topic of financial planners, and at the risk of getting stuck in a rut… Have you ever wondered what the advice of a good financial planner or advisor is worth? In other words, what sort of benefit are you actually deriving from their planning services (and the associated fees)? Well, now … Read more

Portfolio Size and Asset Allocation by Age

In case you missed it, Vanguard recently released data looking average portfolio size and stock allocation as a function of age. It’s an imperfect analysis in that it focuses on retirement plan participants at Vanguard. Thus, it’s a non-random sample and limited to defined contribution plan holdings. But still… Those quibbles notwithstanding, the data are … Read more