Portfolio Size and Asset Allocation by Age

In case you missed it, Vanguard recently released data looking average portfolio size and stock allocation as a function of age. It’s an imperfect analysis in that it focuses on retirement plan participants at Vanguard. Thus, it’s a non-random sample and limited to defined contribution plan holdings. But still… Those quibbles notwithstanding, the data are … Read more

How Mutual Fund Expense Ratios Work

The other day, while perusing the Bogleheads investing forum, I ran across a misunderstanding of how mutual fund expense ratios work. In short, someone was holding three different all-in-one mutual funds and was thinking of combining them all into one to avoid “avoid paying the expense ratios” on two of them. As it turns out, … Read more

Investing With a Three Fund Portfolio

I’ve talked in the past about several ways of effectively outsourcing the management of your investment portfolio. Possibilities range from using an all-in-one mutual fund to engaging a service like Betterment to hiring a financial advisor. That being said, you may be interested in maintaining a bit more control and/or avoiding the extra fees associated … Read more

Dirty Money and Spending Behavior

Looking for new ways to save money? Perhaps you should consider asking for new bills the next time you withdraw money at the bank. While it’s well-accepted that currency denomination influences spending, there’s now evidence that the appearance of your money may be even more important. Interestingly, the social context of the spending also has … Read more

Why Rebalance Your Portfolio?

The vast majority of individual investors are aware that you should periodically rebalance your investment portfolio. While much has been written about rebalancing strategies — when and how to rebalance your portfolio — less attention is typically paid to why you should rebalance. Or, perhaps more accurately, I should say that when people do think … Read more

Stock Market Performance: Best & Worst Days, Weeks, Months, Years

Ever wondered about the best and worst daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly performances of the stock market? Well, wonder no more… You’ll find the relevant data, based on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), listed below. Note that all of these data points are listed in terms of percentage gains/losses, and are current as of … Read more

Build a Bigger Nestegg Through “Investment Creep”

Lifestyle creep is a popular personal finance boogeyman, and for good reason. If you’re not careful, your expenses will increase in lockstep with your income and you’ll never get ahead. But did you realize that you can use the same principles to supercharge your retirement (or other) savings? It’s really quite easy. Here’s how it … Read more